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Hours: Sunday: 10AM-6PM, Monday-Saturday: 10AM-8PM (except holidays) • Phone: 717-284-0164

Extreme RC Hobbies is 6000 sq ft, family owned and operated hobby store. Started in the early 1980’s, we have grown to specialize in remote control cars, trucks, 1/8th scale racing, planes and helicopters. Other general hobbies that we carry include, but not limited to are pine car, models, rockets, board games, airbrushing, Dremel tools. Multiple accessories and hardware are available throughout the store for each aspect of your hobby. You can find a vast array of industry leading name brands at competitive prices that mirror a lot of today’s Internet prices. Also located at Extreme RC Hobbies, is an on-site flying field, Buck RC Club.

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Extreme RC Hobbies - Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL 1: "To the guys at the Extreme Store. WAY TOO GO!!!!! Love what you guys did to the store. Will definately be buying mass quanities of parts from you guys from now on. From what i saw you have just about everything we could want and desire. By mid summer you guys should have a full stock of all the little stuff we need as well. All i can say is WOW!!!! I have a new favorite store i hate buying online and will make the 1 1/2hr trip just to shop there. Never thought i'd say this but i cant wait to go shopping there again. This time with even more loot. Oh yeah, There prices are right on par with the internet so i dont have to worry about getting gouged either. Bought my Speed motor from them Sunday and i had a blast looking at the NEW racers section. Keep up the great work! See ya soon."

TESTIMONIAL 2: "Great job, This is by far the best the store has ever been, I only wish I had more to spend"

TESTIMONIAL 3: "Stopped by yesterday, holy cow, I have never seen so many AKA tires in one place. If your looking for a RTR Losi buggy or truggy, thats the place to pick one up. They are stacked to the gills with RC goodies galore, I walked around with my tongue dragging on the floor for ten minutes"

TESTIMONIAL 5: "I visited the hobby shop on Friday and was blown away with the newly designed "racer section". I would recommend stopping in and seeing what is new for 2010. It is really awesome to have that kind of support for the racers."

TESTIMONIAL 5: "i just wanna say thanx to the hobby shop for letting me try a new fuel they want to S&W race blend 30%.i use to use byrons 30,trinity 30,and 20 in the basher,but nothing like this.i was able to run 2 full minutes more than with other fuels.also my motor had more power(very noticable)and it ran cooler.i highly recomend this to any other racer out there.also no fouled out plugs.nice product guys thanx"


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Hours: Sunday 10AM-6PM, Monday-Saturday: 10AM-8PM (except holidays)

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